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Furnishing Your Hospital: What Difference Does It Make?

However elegant, sophisticated and convenient, a hospital is perhaps the last place where anyone would want to spend their time. It is a proven fact that the ambience of the hospital and its rooms have a significant impact on the mindset of its patients and caregivers. A neat, organized and well-furnished hospital lobby can do wonders to calm the frayed nerves of the waiting patients.
Knowing how to furnish hospitals is an art. Hospital furniture manufacturers are well aware of the roles each piece of furniture plays in the smooth functioning of a healthcare centre.

Furnishing Guidelines Given By Hospital Furniture Manufacturers

Today, hospitals are aiming to create a warmer, more welcoming atmosphere to instil a sense of calmness and positivity among their patients and staff. This complex task of transforming an intimidating atmosphere into one that exudes ease rides on several factors with hospital furniture playing a pivotal role.
The following are some of the criteria that should be considered while furnishing your healthcare centre:
Layout and furniture arrangement
A hospital is a place where practicality deserves top priority. In a place where the delay of a few seconds can spell the difference between life and death, nothing should stand in the way of health services-not even furniture. That is why the room layout and furniture arrangement should be designed to work cohesively.
This is how you can make it work:
  • Demarcate your hospital into three basic zones: the reception, the consultation area and visitor area.
  • Furnish each area with furniture that suits the purpose.
  • Use lightweight wheeled furniture that can be quickly moved out of place during emergencies.
  • Avoid overcrowding the place with excessive furniture.
  • Furniture placement should be well-planned. Create enough space for walking and wheeling furniture around freely.
  • U and C furniture arrangement configurations are most suitable for ICUs as they allow caregivers to access and observe patients easily.
  • Smaller nurse stations between several rooms allow for direct observation and personal care for patients.
Ergonomic comfort and safety
Hospital furniture plays a significant role in making the most disquieted and distressed patients feel calm and relaxed. Visitors also need to feel comfortable because waiting time at hospitals can be tedious.
  • Seats should have padded armrests and sturdy grips to support patients of all ages.
  • Hospitals should have furniture that caters to bariatric patients. Chairs with enhanced sizes that have well-fitted, extra supportive armrests and beds that are custom-made for bariatric patients are an absolute necessity.
  • Manufacturers acknowledge the need for extra lumbar support for patients by designing chairs with variable seat depth, adjustable chair and seat heights, leg rests, and waterfall seats.
  • The use of manual or motorized recliners allows the patient to be seated in the most convenient angle to stay in a comfortable position for lengthy procedures like dialysis or dental procedures.
Infection control and durability
A place of healing should not become an infectious breeding ground for pathogens of all sorts. Infection control is a prime reason that has pushed for extensive R&D and resulted in healthcare seating that is specifically designed to control the spread of contagions. Here are your options:
  • Choose seating options with non-porous, antimicrobial surfaces that are easy to wipe down with disinfectants.
  • Go for mixed fabrics that are engineered to sustain wear and tear for a prolonged period.
  • Choose materials that will remain good as new despite frequent cleaning and fumigation.
  • Furniture covered with vinyl and polyurethane has multiple benefits like stain-resistance and puncture-proof.
Providing privacy
Privacy is a factor that most patients expect to have in a healthcare facility. Giving them an assuring space with minimal intrusions will ensure their peace of mind. Integrated acoustic panels, screens, and sound-proof elements will facilitate minimum distraction for the staff and maximum privacy for patients.
Easy manoeuvrability
The day-to-day handling of patients is a critical concern in any hospital. With several patients wheeled in and out of rooms for surgery, treatment, procedures, and whatnot, the furniture has to cater to the safe and effortless transfer of patients. Easy manoeuvrability comes from:
  • Fitted push handles and castors.
  • Adjustable footplates.
  • Drop arms
  • Removable stretchers with heavy-duty wheels.
  • Comfortable wheelchairs.
Easy accessibility of equipment and supplies
A lot of planning goes into arranging cabinets and shelves that facilitate easy access to life-saving equipment and medicines.
  • Essential supplies must be placed in freely accessible lower cabinets.
  • Patient rooms can have small cupboards to store essential medicines given for the patient.
  • Furniture embedded with charging stations and smaller outlets.
Hospital Room Designs: Fostering Care And Efficiency
Every hospital room must be designed to fulfil the following main criteria:
  • Enough space for easy navigation.
  • A clear line of sight from the nurses’ station
  • Calming ambience.
  • Separate area for visitors and caregivers.
  • Sound -insulation.
  • Proper ventilation with air-conditioning or heating systems.
  • Acuity-adaptable rooms for different levels of care and requirements.

What Hospital Furniture Manufacturers Conclude About The Hospital Furnishing Process

Furnishing is a crucial part of any healthcare facility, and it plays a pivotal role in the smooth functioning of the entire institution. It has a significant impact on the maintenance of the flow of patients in and out of the facility. It helps to foster a positive impression in the minds of those who believe in the brand and the service.
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