Understanding The Need For Hospital Over Bed Tables

An inpatient spends most of the time inside hospital premises. It is important that the hospital provides a complete facility for the patient, including, a space to eat. Hospital over bed tables are the best solution for providing a stable table surface to have food when in bed. These tables are movable and can be adjusted to cater to the needs of the patient. It fits the bed and provides able support for the patient. Not all patients can eat normally like everybody else. Some may have paralysis and some may have severe diseases that require minimal body movements. Hospital over bed tables cater to all types of patients and can facilitate caregivers to provide excellent patient care.
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Hospital furniture Manufacturers in Chennai mainly focus to design  Overbed tables that are easily adjustable and can be placed into the bed complementing its position making it most comfortable for the patient. The table base is entered into the bottom of the bed. The feeding table is altered to suit the height of the patient and the table is brought close to the patient. It is a practical and convenient option for the patient and reduces the workload for caregivers.

Different Types Of Hospital Over Bed Tables 

Hospital over bed tables are used in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and at home as well. It comes with different features, colors, shapes, and sizes. Features vary based on the application and the use of tables. You need to understand the basic requirement before placing an order. Overbed tables for a senior living need to be lightweight and do not require over the top features. These beds are the most inexpensive and are designed to be used with normal beds. Senior living over bed tables does not have any additional features.
Inpatient over bed tables come in different base styles. These tables are designed to be used in hospitals for acute and clinical care. These are quite sturdy and can support more than 100 pounds. Additional features can be included, like cup holders, vanity kits, and spill guards. The technology can aid automatic lowering and increasing of height along with the bed. You can add drawers as well. Bariatric over bed tables are similar to inpatient but with an elongated table. This will facilitate overweight patients to handle their needs smoothly. It is not used commonly, but hospitals must ensure they have few units of bariatric overbed tables in stock.

Features Of Hospital Over Bed Tables

Hospital over bed tables come in different colours and applications. The feeding table should be sturdy and must hold weight. It is mostly made of ABS plastics. Some manufacturers use steel as well. The profile is made of aluminium that has been treated for oxidation with natural aging and electrostatic spraying. The bottom frame is made of cold-rolled steel plates that are stamped and de-rusted. The elegant looking frames are treated for anti-aging and electrostatic sprayed.
The rubber plastic casters are used to provide flexible rotation and are strong to bear large capacity. It makes the over bed table durable and reliable. The lifting device is made of a high-quality adjustable damper. It helps adjust the table height. These tables provide a lot of convenience to the patient’s life and care. You must always assess the patient’s needs and the bed type it is going to be used in. If the overbed tables don’t fit the bed, it is going to lie redundant. Select appropriate features for the tables based on the patient’s needs. There are tables with dual surface trays that offer additional space without occupying much room.
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