A Complete Guide To Hospital Overbed Tables

Healthcare furniture sector is a boon to the healthcare industry as it provides hospitals, clinics, laboratories with one of its most important infrastructure. The requirement for healthcare furniture starts from the lobby. The plush, welcoming and hygiene patient chairs to the hospital overbed tables and more come under the segment called healthcare furniture. This furniture for patients has hygiene, clean, sturdy and long-lasting. Most of this furniture will be a one-time investment for medical institutions and they will look to purchasing good quality furniture in bulk which will incur huge amounts.
It is always good to understand the requirement completely before placing bulk orders of healthcare furniture. Hospital overbed tables may look like a simple bed tray but there is more to it. Hospital overbed tables come in different shapes, sizes and colors. The right overbed tables depend on the bed height, width and patient needs. The requirement for a senior living facility may differ from the ones used for ICU beds. Each overbed table will differ in cost and you can add more features based on patient need. Let us take a look at different overbed tables and its features.
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Different Hospital Overbed Tables For Different Purposes

The different type of medical overbed tables available in the market are:
  • Senior Living Overbed Tables
  • Inpatient Overbed Tables
  • Bariatric Overbed Tables
Senior living overbed tables are simple and light tables without many complex or advanced features. They are the least expensive variety of hospital bed tables and are designed to be used with regular beds at home or senior living facilities. Color options, accessories and other functionalities are limited but the height can be adjustable. Ensure the patient does not require any other feature before buying this type of overbed table. Senior living overbed tables will not suit hospital beds.
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Inpatient overbed tables are designed to be used for acute care and clinics. There are three styles based on the shape and features, which are, H, U and C. These options ensure that you have the right hospital overbed table that can easily fit under and over the hospital beds. It is more sturdy than senior living beds and can support over 100 pounds of weight at a time. It comes with additional features like spill guards, cup holders, and vanity knits. Some come with drawers and dual surface trays that provide twice the capacity without taking additional space. Some options also have technology embedded to perform duties like lowering or raising the tables along with hospital beds. You need to identify the right base that will fit the hospital beds before placing orders.
Bariatric overbed tables have an elongated tabletop that will fit a hospital bed of larger size. This type of hospital overbed tables is useful especially for larger individuals who would require more space. Though not popularly used, bariatric tables are mostly used in hospital units to make all types of patients comfortable during their stay in the hospital. You need to assess the requirement before buying overbed tables, else it just won’t work for you.

Other Interesting Healthcare Furniture

Other healthcare furniture used in hospitals are mostly for the family and friends for their stay for a few days or overnight. It is necessary that the hospitals provide inpatient rooms with facilities that can be used for the family members who are attending to the patient. There can be specifically designated family zones that can make the entire people have a comfortable stay. Healthcare sleepers and recliners are the best options that can be given to people who have to stay back to take care of their loved ones.
Good quality healthcare furniture gives a completely new and hygiene look to any medical institution. With plenty of options, it is going to be tough to choose the right ones. Hospital overbed tables give a lot of comfort for patients who need to be confined to the bed. Hospitals will have to buy different types of tables that should make all kinds of patients comfortable and feel at home. Carefully select the special features that will add value to the overall quality and appearance of the overbed tables.
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