3 Major Considerations When Buying Healthcare Furniture

When outfitting a hospital or a clinic in Chennai, the starting point can be daunting. The furniture not only must be superior quality and durable but also must need the heavy demands of patients and treatments. As leading healthcare furniture suppliers in the city, we give you our expert opinion on what factors to look for when buying hospital furniture.
The first and most critical element to consider when buying healthcare furniture is safety. Every product should be absolutely safe to use. Here safety will mean different things for different types of patients.
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For instance, if your facility has a lot of adult patients, then a substantial chunk of the waiting room furniture should be bariatric. This will ensure that older patients feel safe and comfortable while they wait for their turn. Another example is of a geriatric facility or an orthopaedic clinic. They must use hip chairs as they are the safest for patients who have troubles sitting or getting up.
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A few other factors that make healthcare furniture safe are:
  • Do not buy furniture that has pinch points. It means anything with movable parts has to be carefully selected. Stay away from cabinet hinges. Instead, look for furniture that uses piano hinges.
  • Make sure all chairs have a safe weight capacity. There should be padded armrests for people to get up easily. For heavier-set patients, chairs without armrests should be available.
  • Furniture with welting or piping has catch points for bacteria and their growth. Avoid them. The safest furniture is one with waterfall edges and no piping at all.

Easy To Clean Healthcare Furniture Is The Best

The second primary consideration when shopping for healthcare furniture is cleanability. Any furniture is only as safe as it is clean. Therefore, cleanliness and sanitation become crucial elements. It is why it is essential to buy furniture that is easy to clean for the hospital staff. A few features to keep in mind here are:
  • All seating should have a clean-out space. This is present between the seat and the back of a chair or sofa. It ensures that there are no nooks for bacteria and dirt to catch. Plus cleaning it is simpler.
  • The Laminate finish is the simplest to clean. Use it instead of wood or veneer furniture, which is porous and hard to sanitize properly.

Make All Healthcare Furniture In Chennai Durable

Healthcare facilities have a large footfall. This implies all furniture should be sturdy enough to withstand constant and busy use. Here are a few tips to help you pick durable healthcare furniture:
  • The framework must be metal, and all connections should be metal to metal. They are the toughest.
  • All tables and desks must be scratch proof. Scratches make tiny grooves on the surface that quickly turn into breeding grounds for germs.
If you want to know more about furnishing suitable for hospitals and clinics, get in touch with us, the foremost healthcare furniture suppliers in Chennai.
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