Important Points To Consider While Choosing HealthCare Furniture

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Important Points To Consider While Choosing HealthCare Furniture

Furniture is an important asset for a healthcare provider. It can be said that furniture is as important as any other infrastructure in a hospital or a clinic. The healthcare furniture industry is a niche sector that is valued at 6072.9 million USD in 2020 which is expected to grow at 4.3% CAGR to reach 8186.8 million USD in 2026. When a patient enters hospital premises, the ambience is the first thing that will be noted by them. Furniture is a part of the ambience. A leading healthcare furniture manufacturer in Chennai notes that the healthcare industry is constantly innovating with the help of technology and furniture designers to create a comfortable and safer environment for the patients and staff in a hospital.

The furniture manufacturer considers several factors that are vital while making healthcare furniture as it has a great impact on every aspect of a healthcare facility. Functionality is as important as aesthetics. Patients are not in a happy state of mind when they visit hospitals. They could be anxious and feel stressed out. The furniture should be such that it should ease anxiety and provide comfort. The latest designs and trends in healthcare furniture focus largely on layouts and thematic designs that offer ease of use for the patients, staff and maintenance crew as well. The focus should be on products that can have multiple uses, cost-effective, and easily handled.

Choosing The Right Healthcare Furniture

Some key points you need to consider while purchasing healthcare furniture are:

  • Furniture should be patient-centric
  • Furniture can be used for multiple purposes
  • Furniture should be reconfigurable
  • Furniture should look good
  • Furniture must be ergonomic
  • Furniture must be sustainable
  • Furniture must accommodate the family
  • Furniture must accommodate a growing number of Bariatrics patients

Healthcare furniture should be designed for patients. It must give both comfort and relaxation to the patient. If the furniture is visually appealing it can give a great experience for the patient and enhance the image of the healthcare facility. Technologically enabled furniture can increase caregiver and patient interaction. A hospital setup will undergo frequent changes based on the need of the patient and staff. Healthcare furniture should be able to handle the change. It can be used interchangeably for multiple purposes in the patient room, caregiver area, exam rooms and other spaces. Furniture should be adaptable to accommodate multiple activities that take place in a hospital.

Interior Design of empty hospital room furnished with white colour bed , Monitor Trolley , Sofa Displayed

Healthcare furniture should be easy to manoeuvre and reconfigure. It should be easily moved around and can accommodate large mobile carts equipment and adjustable workstation. Aesthetics of the furniture is another key factor in designing healthcare facilities. Hospitals in Chennai love to make the patients feel at home. The decor, colours help increase the aesthetics and aid in the healing process. Hospitals focus on art and design to make the space look warm and inviting. Even a simple change in lighting can make patients feel relaxed. Ergonomics is another vital factor that makes furniture the most comfortable for patient use. Easily adjustable chairs to change heights, angle and armrest will be of great help to accommodate patients of any size.

Ergonomics increase flexibility and allow smooth movement and interaction between patient and caregiver. It reduces the need to manually handle patients and also reduces the risk of injury. Ergonomic solutions like smooth recliners, optimized heights provide great care and protect patients. New healthcare furniture is designed keeping in mind the key areas,

  • Safety of the materials used
  • Recyclability
  • Disassembly

Furniture designers are realizing the impact of environmentally friendly furniture for the healthcare sector. Sustainable and natural products are good for the patient as well as the earth. Non-sustainable products release harmful chemicals like volatile organic compounds into the air that can irritate the eye and damage the central nervous system. Patients have less immunity and such harmful substances in the hospital environment will only dwindle their condition. When you choose healthcare furniture, you must learn the materials used in it and if they are safe. It is also important to know if the furniture can be recycled after it’s useful life.

The furniture at healthcare facilities should be family-friendly and must accommodate bariatric patients. Caregivers for the patient often stay overnight and the patient room must have extra furniture and space to accommodate them. Waiting areas should give comfort to those who are waiting for the patients and allow them to be more productive. Modular furniture can be useful as families can easily rearrange it to sit together. With the growing number of bariatric patients, healthcare should provide furniture that can withstand overweight patients in the waiting room and patients room.

Infection Free Furniture, A Vital Factor To Consider

The hospital environment should be kept infection-free. And, this includes the furniture as well. The furniture you choose for the hospitals must meet high standards of cleanliness. The crevices and cracks in furniture can easily harbour bacteria and viruses. Even diligent cleaning might not be a solution to make such furniture infection-free. Most importantly the furniture should be non-porous. Vinyl and polyurethane fabrics are much in demand that can make furniture durable, easy to clean and moisture-proof. These materials have antimicrobial and anti-stain properties. The chairs should be layered with single material which will eliminate crevices and cracks. It must not have layers that will make it tough to clean.

The chair seat and back should be smooth and easy to wipe clean. The framework of the furniture should not be tough to handle. It must easily allow for a 360 degree wipe down. All parts of the furniture should be easily accessible for an easy wipe down. The framework should be fastened to the arms and legs so it is pretty easy to move around as you clean.

Maruti Healthcare furniture is the top healthcare manufacturer in Chennai who has vast experience and skill to provide safe, clean and ergonomic furniture for the healthcare sector.

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