An Ultimate Guide on Various Types of Medical Trolleys

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Medical trolleys are an essential component in any medical facility. It renders great help in transporting items and offers support in delivering tools and medicines. There are various types of trolleys designed for various department requirements and patient considerations. A few of them are crash cart, stretcher, instrument, and dressing trolley. Clinical trolley production is huge due to the numerous benefits it bestows in the medical sector. If you are on the search for a genuine stretcher or instrument trolley supplier in Tamil Nadu, contact Inspace healthcare furniture. We have everything from hospital beds, ICU beds, bedside lockers, food trolleys, wheelchairs, etc.

All You Need to Know About Medical Trolleys

The main purpose of a clinical trolley is to store medical supplies and ship them around the hospital with ease. The trolleys take care of medical emergencies and regular patient check-ups by managing the supplies efficiently. Medical cart is the generic term to describe any clinical trolley as it transports medical devices. For example, electrocardiography machines are moved around the clinic in a medical trolley. Another common medical device transported in a medical trolley is an ultrasound machine that monitors the baby in a womb. 

How to Clean a Medical Trolley?

Before and after every medical procedure in a clinic, the medical trolley must be cleaned to ensure safety. A healthcare worker is responsible for cleaning it before loading medical equipment on the trolley and after disposing of the trolley’s used materials. Cleaning medical trolleys can never be skipped as they could pose great health risks to other patients. The best way to clean a medical trolley is to use disinfectant wipes to clean the surface, rails, and legs. Doing so eliminates pathogenic microorganisms. Workers in the clinic should follow the guidelines and policies to clean the trolleys using appropriate cleaning agents and adhere to every safety protocol. 

Types of Medical Trolleys

Medical trolleys are differentiated based on their capacity and the service they render in the medical field.

Crash Cart Trolley

Crash cart trolley is also known as code cart or mobile trolley as it assists medical specialists in treating various health problems. Code carts pile a wide range of medical supplies by utilizing organizational techniques. These are placed in emergency rooms and accommodate items like oxygen masks, gloves, and defibrillators.

Stretcher Trolley

Stretcher trolleys are cots that move patients from one place to another. It is of great help during surgeries and emergencies. When patients are unable to walk, stretcher trolley plays a significant role in transporting them. Thus, it is an indispensable unit in every clinic.

Dressing Trolley

Dressing trolleys are primarily used in surgeries to aid with the dressing process. Therefore, it contains necessary medical items like bandages, cotton, sterile scissors, etc. At times it is used to observe and monitor patient recoveries. 

Instrument Trolley

Instrument trolleys are of great use in dispensaries to move medical instruments and medicines. It consists of a metal cart with rollers to help it move from one place to another.

Anaesthesia Trolley 

An anaesthesia trolley is used to transport anaesthesia medicines while administering them within the hospital premises. These trolleys contain drawers that help to secure the medication until the need arises. Anaesthesia trolleys play a major role during surgeries, and an anaesthesiologist unlocks the drawers and removes the required quantity from them. Certain anaesthesia carts are designed with an electronic keypad for better safety.

Isolation Trolley

Isolation trolley stores essential medical items like PPE kits, sterilized gowns, etc. Its main objective is to prevent infections and is used when a patient is quarantined. Items from isolation trolleys protect doctors and other healthcare professionals from coming in contact with infectious diseases. As healthcare providers quit the isolation area, they dispose of the items to be very safe.

Mini Trolley

A mini trolley is used in healthcare sectors to hold intravenous fluid bags. They are manufactured with a single table with rollers or wheels to transport the medications from one spot to another. A mini trolley helps the nurse to administer medications without returning to the medication dispensary from time to time.

Importance of Medical Trolley in a Healthcare Facility  

Medical trolleys are not created with the same pattern or design as each variety has to meet the requirements of different medical demands. The clinical trolley offers great service to patients and is of great help to nurses, consultants, doctors, and other healthcare providers. They offer first-class medical help on a daily basis in every medical facility in various scenarios. Thus, investing in a medical trolley will be one thing that no health facility will regret. Let us learn the most important advantages of medical trolleys.

  1. Every day, there will be chaos if the basic medical supplies are stored in a stock room. Trying to access stock rooms will make the job difficult for healthcare providers and put the life of the patient at risk. The medical trolley offers immediate access to various apparatus, medications, and equipment, reducing medical errors and confusion while treating patients. Thus, accessibility becomes easy with a clinical trolley.
  2. Medical carts like crash carts are used in operation theatres. These carts stock specific items required by nurses and doctors to save a patient’s life in a short duration. Therefore, medical trolleys are considered an emergency lifeline when there is a high danger involved. In an ICU or at times of surgeries, medical trolleys are lifesavers for patients.
  3. Medical trolleys help in managing hospital inventory efficiently. As poor inventory management can cost a patient’s life, paying attention to managing the inventory is essential in every hospital. Medical carts are affordable options to manage inventories and stocks and are easy to handle.
  4. As discussed above, there are a variety of medical carts available widely in the commercial market. As one single pattern does not fit every situation, there is a need to design various types of medical trolleys. A few of the most renowned ones are blood testing carts, anaesthesia carts, donation center carts, isolation carts, etc. When a clinic or hospital has multiple types of medical trolleys, they can offer better patient care and take the healthcare service to the next level.

The Bottom-line

Patient care and efficiency are vital factors in any medical sector. Therefore, investing in the right medical cart will allow you to streamline your healthcare service successfully. Look into the various types and significance of medical trolleys discussed in the above article and make the right choice for your facility. Inspace Healthcare Furniture provides ergonomically designed medical trolleys which are durable and safe. We incorporate cutting-edge technology and meet the needs of every healthcare industry. To know more, get in touch with us today.


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