Changes Imposed By A Pandemic

The current Covid-19 crisis is a situation that none of us have been through before. The last pandemic occurred more than a century ago and there are slim chances of anyone who lived in that period to give us a review of how things were handled back then.
A whole century later, the Corona virus has engulfed the entire world, bringing everything to a grinding halt. The fear of the unknown and the unseen has us all in a grip of panic and anxiety.
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While there is a sense of unrest and uncertainty, hospitals have to be ready to face the inevitable influx of patients during a pandemic. Irrespective of the size and speciality of your facility, it is mandatory to keep everything and everyone protected and ready to face the enemy.

Protecting Your Hospital Furniture From Virus Infestation

Everyone who comes into a healthcare facility seeking help cannot avoid using hospital furniture. While hospitals are ensuring the safety of the staff, the same has to be done for the furniture too, because it will be used by innumerable patients.
Cleaning and disinfection protocols call for regular and rigorous cleaning of all exposed surfaces.  The sanitization protocol list includes each and every piece of furniture in the reception area, consultation rooms, examination rooms, emergency rooms, labs, restrooms, etc.
All medical equipment must  be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Hospitals must stock up on high-grade disinfectants and cleaning equipment for the protection of staff who are involved in this massive duty.

Check-list of hospital furniture that should be sanitized

If your hospital is a large facility that covers a plethora of specialties, you are likely to have a big list of hospital furniture that has to be disinfected and sanitized for everyone’s protection. The following check-list will help you sort through the multitude of furniture at your facility:
  • Examination couches and chairs
  • Hospitals beds in various wards
  • Operation Theatre bed
  • Laboratory chairs
  • Bedside tables
  • Instrument trolleys
  • Stools and chairs in consultation rooms
  • Physician’s desk
  • Reception desk
  • Waiting area chairs
  • Gynecological examination couches
  • Labour couches
Other protective measures in a hospital environment
The World Health Organization has come up with a slew of measures that are meant to be strictly followed to prevent the viral spread and infection.  One has to keep in mind the aggressive nature of Covid-19 that makes it a highly contagious disease. No rule can be flouted or modified or worse, ignored.
Enabling effective social distancing
Social distancing is the most important rule that is fast becoming the norm of the day. Hospitals can ensure social distancing by:
  • Modifying waiting rooms and lobbies to ensure enough space between patients.
  • Allotting specific time for patients with non-emergency issues
  • Designing new layouts with helpful signage that is informative.
  • Limiting the number of in-patient caretakers.
Mandatory Screening
Everyone who comes to the hospital must be subjected to mandatory screening protocol that includes checking of body temperature and other symptoms of Covid-19. All entrances must have a triage area that entails wellness screening.
Staff and doctors must also be subjected to regular screening as they are at a high risk of contracting the virus.
Masking-up for protection
Health experts are recommending the use of face masks or face coverings to limit the spread of the disease. Hospitals must be stringent in enforcing this rule amongst all medical staff, maintenance staff, ambulance drivers, pharmacy staff, and most important of all-the incoming patients.
Masks not only protect from a possible infection, but they also deter you from unnecessary touching your face, which is one of the main causes of the infection.
Washing hands 
WHO recommended a strategic way of washing hands as one of the first and foremost measures when the pandemic reared its ugly head. Hands must be washed as often as possible for the recommended 20 seconds. Hospitals must provide hand sanitizers and all vantage points within the premises.
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