Surgical Instrument Trolley

Stainless Steel Hospital Trolleys in Chennai

Inspace lends a helping hand to create a synchronized healthcare environment by assisting you to carry medical instruments and medicines easily and quickly using our special instrument trolleys. At Inspace, we offer you 6 different types of instrument trolleys to choose from. All the trolleys are made of superior quality stainless steel and are equipped with shelves, railings and tubular frameworks. These extra fittings and sturdy design of the trolley helps in ensuring that the medicines are not spilled or the instruments are not damaged while moving it from one place to another. At Inspace, you can always count on us when it comes to quality, comfort and safety! This commitment towards quality has made us the best hospital furniture manufacturer in Chennai

Medical Instrument Trolley – A Handy Hospital Equipment

Instrument trolleys are among the highly used emergency furniture in a hospital irrespective of surgery or examination rooms. It is a piece of very handy furniture for holding all the surgical instruments, solutions, cotton, medicines, etc. Our stainless steel instrument trolleys are sturdy and durable for long term use. These trollies are easy to handle and move within or between rooms.

Hospital Trolleys With Functional Designs

These trollies come in 6 different designs. The variation is related to the storage and the number of decks in the trolly. Some trollies come with good storage facilities giving more space for the users while some are just open shelves. We also manufacture round edge medical trolley as required by our clients. The complete frame and body are made of high-quality stainless steel. The dimensions of these trollies are 60cm x 40 cm in length and width. The shelves, railings and tubular frames are highly durable. The two shelves are welded to the pillar frames in a very robust and long lasting utility of the product. The entire structure of the stainless steel instrument trolley is corrosion resistant and easy to maintain. The swivel casters are 10 cm in measurement with wheels attached, it facilitates easy movement on even the roughest of surfaces. Two casters come with attached breaks that give instant arrest on motion and halts the trollies abruptly.
Medical Instrument Trolley With Stainless Steel Railing With Wash Basin

Safe & Hygienic Surgical Instrument Trolleys

Our trollies can easily be cleaned and sterilized. The metal does not react with the cleaning or sterilization fluid components. Thus there is a very low probability of contamination or infection. The brakes on castor wheels are very sturdy and keep the wheels from unwanted rolling. The rails present on the bottom shelves cover all the four sides and keep the medicines or equipment from falling and spilling. The top surface has railings on three sides. We give at most importance for the safety aspects of our products. Hence we ardently follow the industry safety standards and best quality practices for manufacturing our hospital furniture. Our products are tested and quality certified by quality experts making us the most reliable instrument trolley supplier in Chennai.

High Quality Medical Equipment For Chennai Hospitals

These instrument trollies are highly in demand at hospitals and clinics. Our satisfied customers often come back to us for purchases and also suggest us to others. The sturdiness, durability and ease of maintenance have made our products a preferable choice. We also provide product customization, our customers suggest their design necessities and we meet their requirements with our well designed, high standard products. Our products are on par with international competitors and that too at a very affordable price. Inspace provides a one-stop place for finding all your hospital needs with respect to Instrument trolleys.
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