Examination couch for Clinic

Good Quality Patient Examination Tables In Chennai

Inspace is one of the best dealers of premium quality Hospital Examination Tables and couches. They manufacture and supply a wide range of tables suitable for various examinations and general surgeries.At Inspace, the largest supplier of healthcare furniture in chennai, we have numerous medical examination couch products for all your needs.

Patient Examination Couches for Hospitals

An examination couch is used for examining patients and is a must-have for every patient room in hospitals. These are designed with electronic devices that help in various adjustments and settings. It facilitates the doctor during the examination while keeping the patient at the best of comfort. These couches come in varied designs and added features. They adopt a well-strategized, ergonomic design to suit patient’s and doctor’s physical reach and movement. At Inspace we manufacture the best in class examination couch for clinic suitable for multi-speciality needs and accurate diagnosis.
Stainless Steel Frame Work Patient Examination Couch With Lithotomy

Leading Examination Couch Supplier In Chennai

There is a high demand for these examination couches at hospitals and clinics. Our patrons admire the three-section examination couches for their sturdiness and close to maintenance-free aspects. The quality of the materials used are of very high standards and have been acquired from long term and trustworthy suppliers.
Simple and functional patient examination couch with lithotomy rod

Clinical Examination Tables Designed With Perfection

Examination couches come with adjustable height and three sections to suit the treatment needs. The standard measure of an examination couch is 196 cm length by 60 cm width and height up to 90 cm. The elevation can be adjusted on both the head and foot side of the couch. An examination couch for clinic often comes with different attachments like storage options, poles, and other interfacing provisions with external monitoring components. The top of the bed contains foam padding to provide a sturdy flat surface for the patient to comfortably sit or lay down.
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