Critcal Care Beds For Hospitals With ICU Beds in Chennai

World Class Critcal Care Beds For Patient Safety & Comfort

Inspace furnishes your critical care needs with special beds designed exclusively for ICUs. Our ICU beds are a smart combination of ergonomic efficiency, intuitive operation and latest technology. Inspace ICU beds extend comfort and safety to both caregivers and patients alike. The caregivers can easily tilt the beds as per their need and also adjust the bed’s height during patient examination or treatment. As the leading hospital furniture manufacturer in Chennai, Inspace offers multifunctional ICU beds equipped with back rest tilts, foot rest tilts, epoxy coated top quality mild steel frameworks, provision for IV rods, X-ray permeable tops, and detachable handles.

Smart ICUBeds for Advanced Care

ICU beds are multipurpose beds that are installed in the Critical Care Units of hospitals. These beds facilitate in providing appropriate care for level 2 and level 3 patients who need extra support at the time of treatment. These beds are designed with a pressure-relieving mattress and with adjustments for laying the patients in flat, Trendelenburg, or sitting positions.

An ICU bed has provisions for interfacing critical care equipment like ventilators, to help patients with unresponsive lung conditions for breathing artificially. IV poles and monitors are also present to hang IV bottles and to keep track of the speed and time of administering IV drips. Feeding tubes, CPR release, etc, that are used for treating and monitoring the patients are also available. These beds also furnish ABS and X-Ray units.

These hospital ICU beds have evolved over a period of 100 years from normal push-button based electric models to the current smart mechatronic beds, according to the varying needs of reach, the diverse functionality, ease of management and cost factors. The present-day smart beds also come with data logging facilities that collect information of the patient.

Over the last decade, the ergonomic and hygiene aspects of the design have been developed and incorporated. Under Safety concerns, these beds are equipped with side-rails, castors for transporting patients and support mechanisms

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