What Is An Examination Couch?

An examination couch is perhaps the most versatile piece of furniture in a healthcare facility. It functions as a couch and supportive furniture during a medical examination. An examination couch can be customized to suit the patient’s needs.
Standard features of an examination couch
A common, standard examination couch is the most recognized piece of hospital furniture. An ideal couch has features like:
  • Washable flat or reclined bed.
  • Hygienic, stain-resistant, waterproof bed cover.
  • Legs fitted with wheels.
  • Gear that allows various angles of reclination.
  • Step stools.
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Points To Consider Before Buying An Examination Couch

In the current trend of patient -care furniture, the examination table is available with simple, basic features to world-class, state-of-the-art aspects. This couch plays a major role in patient care. Hence, it is imperative to consider the kind of features that will optimize the use of the examination couch.
There are four important aspects that must not be overlooked while investing in an examination couch:
  1. Material used
  2. Durability
  3. Certification
  4. Additional features.

Analyzing The Important Aspects

Material used
As a rule of thumb, all examination couches are manufactured from high-grade steel. But it is always safer to find out the list of other raw materials that have gone into the manufacturing of the couch that you think is most suitable for your hospital.  A standard couch has two sections that are fitted to each other. The steel body is painted to extend its durability.
Durability of the couch
Durability and quality are interconnected. Hospital furniture must be built to serve and last a lifetime. A product of higher quality will come with a higher price tag. But that is what spells its durability too. The important aspects to consider in terms of durability are:
  • The lifespan of the couch
  • The maintenance requirements
  • The maintenance costs.
Certification ensures the quality of the examination couch. It is issued only after the couch fulfills certain criteria like its weight, usage of the right raw materials, and features.
Additional features
The market is flooded with a wide range of examination couches that come with a plethora of brilliant features that suit the use of the table for a specific function. Here’s a list of additional features that change a simple examination couch into an ergonomic piece of furniture:
  • Adjustable 3 sections in a gynecological table
  • Hydraulics for height-adjustability.
  • Electrically adjustable features.
  • Height and inclination that can be remote-controlled.
  • Electro-pneumatic features
  • Backrests can be manually or electrically adjusted.
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Know The Type Of Examination Couches 

An examination couch for the clinic comes in three standard models. Manufactured to fit the criteria of specific practices, they come with some unique features.
Standard Table
The standard examination couch is commonly found in all big and small hospitals and clinics. They are designed with basic features that include:
  • Two separate sections of which one section is adjustable.
  • The framework is made of durable steel with a powder coating or epoxy coating finish.
  • The backrest is adjusted by a manually operated crank mechanism.
  • The sturdy framework that is mounted on protective stumps.
Hi-Low Examination Couches
The hi-low examination couch is quite similar to the standard couch but it is more suitable for elderly patients and for those who are rendered immobile due to accidents or ailments.
The hi-low couch comes with two separate sections that can be electrically or manually operated with a gas spring system. These couches have the ability to shift the patient’s position vertically to ensure that they are in the right position for a scan or X-Ray.
Hi-low couches are available with more useful facets like:
  • Comfortable foot pedal controls
  • Pressure sensors to prevent the patient from being injured.
  • Low-height chairs for easy transfer of patients.
  • Safety sidebars
Combination Examination couches
Combination tables have a mix of features that allow it to be used as an examination table and a treatment table. They are mostly used in emergency rooms to serve dual purposes in case the patient cannot be shifted from one table to another. Combination tables have removable headrests, footrests, and stirrups.
Finding The Right Examination Couch
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