Tips For Choosing The Ideal Examination Couch For Clinic

It is important to set up comfortable examination tables in the hospital as part of offering courteous and top-notch treatment to the patients. It is common for hospitals and clinics to get confused when it comes to choosing a good treatment couch or determine which is right for their medical facility. If you have decided to buy the best examination couch for the clinic, we suggest you follow our tips and guidelines that will aid you in choosing the right one.
Patient Examination Table
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What are the points to remember while buying a patient examination couch for a clinic?

Customizability: Purchase tables that can be modified as per your practice requirements. Dentists and surgeons require tables with drawers to store equipment and tools required for the examination. In the same way, gynecologists require a table that supports stirrups.
Mobility: There may be situations in a hospital where the examination couch has to be shifted from one room to another. So, the table you are purchasing should be simple to move. Thus, your staff would easily move without any difficulty or hassle. If you are focusing on portability, you have to purchase a treatment table that is made using quality materials and light in weight Hospital Examination tables made using lightweight materials like aluminum and titanium are always the best option.
Storage: One of the solid investments you need to do with care for your hospital or clinic is purchasing the right examination table. So, when you are investing, ensure to purchase tables that are simple to use and convenient. Storage is an important feature you should remember while purchasing a table.
Elevation and adjustability: Nurses and doctors require the patient to sit in a particular position when treating them. The position of the patient is required to be changed according to the type of examination or test they require to perform. It is also important to ensure that the patient does not face any kind of discomfort while changing to the treatment position. Adjustability is an important factor to consider while purchasing an examination couch.
High-quality tables supplied by leading hospital furniture manufacturers in Chennai are designed considering various weights and heights of the patients. Each of the models is designed in such a way that it does cause any discomfort to the patients and physicians.

Common Types Of Hospital Examination Tables

  • Pediatric examination table: If you are running a pediatric clinic or hospital you would find a pediatric examination table suitable for your treatment procedure. It also remains convenient for your patients. It is smaller than the usual treatment table. The size of the table is designed appropriately for kids of various age groups. The best part of the pediatric exam table is it is designed using bright colors and fun art-making the children feel comfortable and easy when visiting the physician. If it does not contain such fun elements, it may look scary for young patients.
  • Specialty examination table: It is mostly used in particular specialty medical exam rooms like imaging rooms or radiology rooms. Specialty examination table comes with special features and accessories such as drop windows and stirrups for the convenience of healthcare providers, helping them to offer the best care in medical settings.
  • Mobile examination table: It is movable through integrated lockable casters. It permits cleaning crews and caretakers to rearrange the room or move the tables while cleaning whenever needed. Advanced features like a single touch wheelbase integrated central locking feature helps in better stability and mobility.

Why do you need to buy the best examination couch for a clinic?

Patient comfort is the main priority for most medical practitioners. They should feel comfortable from the second they step into your clinic or hospital. Their comfort is very important especially when they are made to sit in the examination room. The patient would have visited for a serious medical condition or a routine visit. So, the environment has to be maintained clean, safe, and welcoming. The safe feeling should exist even when they sit on the examination couch.
If they feel uncomfortable and do not cooperate to perform a procedure or diagnose the condition, there are chances for lifetime effects. It is important to take every step to make the patient feel comfortable and safe.
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