Creating An Ideal Patient Experience

The waiting room of a hospital speaks volumes. A clean, brightly lit waiting room gives patients a reassuring feeling about the hospital, the staff, and its services. No one wants to wait in a room that has uncomfortable chairs, a crowded and stuffy atmosphere, and an unhygienic ambiance. Such an experience might become someone’s worst part of visiting the hospital.
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Before we explore the various ways to upgrade your hospital waiting room, let’s sort out the aspects that are a big no-no in waiting rooms:
  • Uncomfortable furniture
  • Poor lighting
  • Poor ventilation
A blaring TV that is actually supposed to help patients kill time while they wait.
Old, greasy, and worn-out magazines.
The reception area or waiting room of a hospital is where patients and visitors are going to be spending inordinate amounts of time. People are quick to judge the hospital and its efficiency based on how the waiting room looks.
There are no hard and fast rules for creating a patient-friendly waiting room. The area is a part of the hospital, but it doesn’t have to necessarily look like that. We put forth some ideas that you can implement to make your reception area dazzle!
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Incredible Waiting Room Upgrades

The Furniture
Healthcare waiting room furniture cannot be just chosen and bought on a whim. Hospital waits are mostly long and we don’t want patients and visitors to end up with a sore back or painful knees after sitting on uncomfortable chairs. Hospital furniture needn’t look stern and all business-like. Patients will love plush, comfortable chairs, with neutral colours. A colourful desk at the reception area will make the room look livelier.
The Layout
Here are some brilliant furniture and seating options:
Waiting room chairs can be arranged in a cluster around a table as opposed to the boring horizontal rows.
Creating a child-friendly corner to keep children occupied while they wait.
Creating a separate space for medical representatives and other professionals.
The Accessories
The vibrancy of green, lush plants never fails to create a soothing effect. Strategically placed indoor plants in eye-catching ceramic pots will add that much-needed pop of color. The desk area will be a more welcoming sight with a fresh flower arrangement. A center-table with a simple or opulent flower arrangement is sure to calm the nerves as one waits to see the doctor.
The Lighting 
Healthcare interiors must allow natural light to flood the interiors. Natural light is said to elevate the mood and stimulate the Circadian rhythm. Using curtains and blinds to control the flow of light is so much better than completely blocking it off with a concrete wall and making the place look dingy.
Adding Small Luxuries
Being liberal on a few luxuries will go a long way. There are subtle ways to make the patients feel pampered. The possible list of luxuries include:
  • A clean and hygienic restroom.
  • Air conditioning or heaters to make people wait in comfort.
  • A well-stocked mini-fridge or a mini cafeteria.
  • A coffee-vending machine.
  • A good Wi-fi connection.
  • A collection of good magazines.
To amp up the luxury quotient, we also suggest:
iPads that are preloaded with games, digital magazines, and newspapers. Of course, the iPad has to be tethered to a centrally placed table or desk.
Charging ports for electric devices like laptops and mobile phones.
A retail area where patients can buy products relevant to the specialty of the hospital.
Luxury recliner chairs and massage chairs.

Role Of The Waiting Room Staff

  • A crew of friendly, informative, responsive, and patient waiting room staff is as important as any decor. Every patient wants to feel like they are an important part of your practice. It is the staff who act as a liaison between the hospital and the visitors. They are responsible for:
  • Creating proper schedules and appointments.
  • Giving prior information to patients over the phone regarding the appointment.
  • Informing patients beforehand about any cancellation of appointment and offering an alternative date and time.
  • Scheduling the availability of doctors.
Concluding Thoughts
The waiting area is probably the first room in a hospital. It has to make a good impression on the people who come to the facility seeking medical help. A simple, comfortable and tastefully decorated waiting area has the potential to turn patients into loyal customers.
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