Healthcare Recliners: A Multifunctional, Cozy and Convenient Piece of Furniture

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by Inspace |December 17, 2020 | Blog

Healthcare Recliners: A Multifunctional, Cozy and Convenient Piece of Furniture

If there’s one piece of hospital furniture that has a semblance of homeliness and warmth, it is the recliner chair. Recliners are the new trendsetters of the hospital furniture sector. They are comfy and easy to get in and out of. Ergonomics is another bonus that makes the recliner a homey option for the elderly and convalescing patients.

Healthcare recliners are a big relief for patients who do not want to be in bed all the time but require something that gives them the same comfort factor. It facilitates patients to carry on with their everyday activities without having to be propped up by pillows and cushions.

Thanks to their rising popularity, healthcare recliners are flooding the market with every possible functional feature and comfort factor. How do you pick out what’s best for your requirements? To put your mind at ease, we list out some of the best recliners that are currently popular according to a leading hospital furniture manufacturer in Chennai.

Popular Healthcare Recliner Models Suggested By A Reputed Hospital Furniture Manufacturer

Hospital recliners have evolved in leaps and bounds, and they are nothing like what they were about ten or fifteen years ago. Some are really fancy and some are brilliantly sophisticated. Check it out for yourself:

List of medical recliners for hospital use

Treatment recliners were the first of their kind to be introduced in hospitals. Even the current models are designed with importance to functionality above style. Simple in design and usage, treatment recliners are a vital component in dialysis rooms, dental hospitals, oncology centres and for geriatric use.

  • Patient room recliners: Made with high-grade durability and designed with multi-functional aspects, patient room recliners are available in an eclectic range that is built to withstand heavy-duty usage. Manufacturers are careful to include replaceable parts such as backrests, headrests, seats, and other crucial components rather than having to replace the whole chair.

    Although patient recliners are readily available, some hospitals prefer to get them customized, which opens up endless possibilities. Customization options include:

  • Inclusion of recliner accessories such as food tray, IV holder, seats with heat pads, pouches, and extendable footrests.
  • Choice of reclining angle.
  • Motorized wheels for easy mobility.
  • Drop and fold-down arm options to facilitate the easy transfer of the patient.
  • Comfort of the seat cushions.
  • When choosing patient room recliners, it is always better to go with models that have large wheels. They come in handy when patients have to be moved from one room to another in the recliners.

  • Three-position recliner:
    These recliners are aptly named because they cater to three positions: sitting, partial recline and full recline. Fitted with extra-durable, lockable wheels, they can be moved around easily or locked into place for safety. Drop-away arms are much like the rails of a hospital bed.
    Three-position recliners offer multiple therapeutic benefits. They facilitate comfortable positions and encourage natural relaxation. Most often, these recliners are recommended for patients who require proper blood circulation. Advanced models come with articulating headrests and ergonomically designed seats with varied density foam seats. Convenient overlap trays and water-proof upholstery are additional features of the three-position recliner.

  • Speciality patient recliners: There are patient recliners and then there are “speciality patient recliners” that are designed for very specific purposes.
  • Christened after the German surgeon Friedrich Trendelenburg, the Trendelenburg recliner’s design facilitates the caregiver to quickly move the patient’s body to a supine position to keep the feet elevated above the head.
  • Built specifically for obese patients, the Bariatric recliner can support more than 300 kilos of weight. The seat and backrest are extra-large. The recline-angle is limited so that the patient safely gets off or on the recliner.
  • Pediatric recliners are designed for children, hence they are much smaller in size. These recliners can be customized in vibrant colours and some are even available with gaming systems that help keep the young patients occupied.

Healthcare Recliners For Home Use And Daily Usage


  • Senior nursing home recliners:
    Apart from hospitals, recliners find good use in retirement communities and in every other situation where the patient requires the same comfort even in his own home. Most senior-living recliners are designed to look like comfortable single-seater sofas with limited functional features. The recliners are much smaller than hospital models and don’t have much more than a rocking or gliding facility.
  • Sapphire recliner with power lifts:
    These recliners are the ultimate models when it comes to comfort and mobility. The attractive upholstery and aesthetic design make it difficult to believe it’s a patient recliner. Well-padded seats add to the coziness and convenience of patients who are convalescing from long-term illnesses. Its best feature is the power lift that enables self-care.
  • Electric recliner chairs:
    Electric recliners are expensive, but if you are looking for a solution that makes things easy for everyone involved, this is it. These recliners are fitted with an electric motor system whose controls are within the reach of the user. You can choose between one and three motors as per your budget and convenience. Recliners with three motors are exceptionally comfortable. The positions of the headrest, backrest and footrest are electrically controlled. The chair can even rise up to meet the level of the patient’s bed. Electric recliners give the patient complete control of their movements and enable the person to be self-dependent despite the physical limitations.
  • Take down armchairs:
    These aesthetic-looking chairs are ideal for any home-healthcare setup. Take down armchairs are fitted with smaller wheels, so you can’t really call them a wheelchair. The backrest can recline completely to be used as a bed or an impromptu examination table.


Get Guidance From Inspace- The Best Hospital Furniture Manufacturer in Chennai

Whether you are choosing recliners for your hospital or for your home use, it is crucial to identify the purpose of the recliner. We say this as recliners are an expensive investment because of their design and functional features. Besides, it must serve the patient according to his/her needs.

Experts at Inspace Healthcare Furniture will help you make the right choice if you are ever in a dilemma. Inspace has the expertise that makes us the most reputed hospital furniture manufacturer in Chennai. Our healthcare recliners are designed with extensive R&D inputs that make them exceptionally comfortable and user-friendly. Make it a one-time investment with Inspace’s healthcare recliners. For customization and buyers guidance, call our team @ 9884561481.

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