How To Design Trendsetting Hospital Lobbies

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by Inspace |April 9, 2021 | Blog

Creating a strong impression with a great-looking hospital lobby

The first place everyone visits is a hospital is the lobby or reception area. People check-in for appointments, wait for their consultation turn or pass through it to go to any other area within the hospital. Traditional hospital lobbies lacked many aspects for a great description. Most hospitals did not have anything more than a drab-looking front desk with equally drab-looking chairs, perhaps a few shelves holding hospital paraphernalia.

The hospital lobbies of today are a total contrast to the traditional lobby. It is a space that has evolved for the better. It is still evolving, and there is so much that can be done to make the hospital lobby look more inviting and comfortable. Architects are taking the extra effort to make optimum use of building design concepts to create patient-centred hospital lobbies. As healthcare technology evolves, so does everything else in connection with healthcare. And, that also includes the furniture.

Inspace, a prominent manufacturer of hospital reception chairs in Chennai, explains that the hospital lobby is more than just a place of waiting. The evolution involves increased room flexibility, the addition of ergonomic furniture, flexible layout, etc.

Let’s walk you through the important factors necessary to transform your simple hospital lobby into one that grabs the headlines.

Influential factors of a trendy hospital lobby design

  • Incorporate your hospital’s brand.

The colour scheme, logo, and mission statement should reflect your hospital brand. Whatever colour scheme and branding is used in the publicity materials will be carried forward in the new lobby furniture and other accessories. You can also get the furniture customised to suit the colour scheme. Most furniture manufacturers are willing to take on customized orders. So, please make the most of it!

  • Patient comfort and convenience. 

Patient comfort is a critical parameter that reflects the care and concern the hospital has for people who depend on the facility and treatments. Comfort is an aspect that is not limited only to the lobby furniture. The design itself plays a major role. A good lobby should have ample seating space, a water cooler, proper ventilation, lighting, etc. Chairs should be comfortable because the wait can be long. 

  • Brighten up the place.

There are no hard and fast rules that hospital lobbies should display a sad, dull look. Jazz it up with a professional look combined with elegance and finesse. Hospitals can opt for a better brand colour if the original one is not visually pleasing. Use furniture that complements or contrasts with the overall colour palette. Add life to the walls with art pieces and place a few indoor plants to brighten the space. 

  • Versatility in seating.

Patients have different preferences. Some of them may prefer hard seats, as opposed to cushioned seats or sofas. It is wise to provide both types of seating if the space is large enough. The seating can be arranged individually and in clusters to facilitate people who want to sit alone and those who want to be seated as a whole family. 

  • Modern conveniences.

If the budget permits, you can always include air conditioning or central heating, depending on the place’s general climatic condition. Always ensure there is an ample number of charging ports to charge mobiles, laptops, or tablets. You can also provide a kiosk that people can use to check the doctor’s availability and timings. Use a TV in the lobby area to educate your patients about health, fitness, etc.

 A hospital wait can be a long one, and it does not hurt to go the extra mile to keep your patients comfortable during that time. The overall goal is to create a space that makes everyone comfortable and welcomed. Creating a hospital lobby that looks like a world-class resort can go a long way in adding to your healthcare facility’s reputation.

Inspace hospital furniture, Chennai: Manufacturers of hospital reception chairs

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