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ICU Bed Suppliers In Chennai Talk About The Speciality Of ICU Beds
by Inspace |February 17, 2021 | Blog

An ICU bed is an essential part of an Intensive Care Unit, which is also known as a Critical Care Unit (CCU) or Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU). These are the units that house critically ill patients until they safely cross the danger threshold.

An ICU bed is as significant as the other paraphernalia and life-supporting mechanisms used inside the ICU. These beds range from simple looking beds with wheels to hi-tech beds with exclusive features for offering support, care and healing.

Guidelines for ICU beds:

A standard ICU bed is no less than a specialist healthcare equipment. They differ vastly from all the other beds used inside a hospital. ICU beds are generally made of antimicrobial material to ensure that the patient is safe from hazardous microbes. 

Technically, any bed used in the ICU can be termed an ICU bed. However, leading ICU bed suppliers state that there are three particular guidelines for the manufacture of ICU beds.

1. Electrical features.

Medical staff must be able to operate the bed with a remote or a control panel, rather than having to reset the position manually.

2. Must allow Trendelenburg positioning functions and cardiac chair positions.

These are essential positions that support easy respiration and other bodily functions.

3. Must have a pressure-relieving, soft, flexible mattress.

The beds must have appropriate measurements to fit foam or air mattresses that will make it comfortable for bed-ridden patients.

Features and functions of ICU beds as listed by leading ICU bed suppliers

ICU beds must have unique features and functions that are significant in a critical care setup. ICU bed manufacturers state that most healthcare facilities are keen on providing beds customised specifically for ICUs.

An ICU bed currently used in a standard healthcare facility has the following features to serve specific functions.

CPR Release: CPR Release or Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Release is a highly essential feature that most medical staff and experts look for in an ICU bed. When there’s an emergency, (which is most likely to happen in an ICU), the CPR Release allows medical staff to flatten the bed and perform CPR on the patient immediately.


Movable, Adjustable ICU Beds, an Essential Hospital Medical Furniture

Intravenous Poles with multiple hooks:

A bed that comes with an Intravenous pole with multiple hooks comes to the aid of patients who require multiple intravenous supplies simultaneously. An intravenous pole attached to the bed makes it easy to wheel the person in an emergency, without having to move two separate pieces of equipment. It also reduces the risk of damage to the intravenous line and supply

Medical staff controls

Patients in an ICU are often not in a physical state to help themselves. When handling such critically ill patients, the nurses and ICU staff require easy options to control the bed without requiring an additional pair of hands. This is precisely why electrical controls are attached to the side of the bed. They come with a handset or nursing remote controls attached to the side of the headboard.

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The benefits of such controls include:

  • Protection of vulnerable, bed-ridden, comatose patients from accidents.
  • Clear pathways without any trailing wires around the bed that can cause a trip hazard.
  • The controls are always in place, so the medical staff can easily locate them in an emergency.
  • Allows the addition of weighing scales to monitor the weight of critically ill patients.

Detachable head and footboards

Beds with removable head and footboards serve two main purposes:

  • A detachable headboard can swiftly be removed during an emergency that requires the doctor to stand behind the head, as in the case of intubation.
  • It is easier to put a patient in the prone position with his face down on the mattress. This position is critical for patients who have breathing difficulties.

Automatic lateral therapy ALT facilitates the patient’s easy-shifting on the bed by tilting the bed’s base to the sides, upwards or downwards. It is ideal for patients who are at risk of experiencing respiratory issues

X-ray units Another brilliant feature of the ICU bed is the attached X-ray unit that simplifies the task of taking quick x-rays without having to move the patient to the x-ray room, which may cause unnecessary problems.

Side rails Side rails on ICU beds are much longer than those on standard hospital beds. They are taller and extend on either side throughout the bed’s length.

Automatic weighing machines ICU beds come with automatic weighing machines that can easily weight the patient lying on the bed.

Common differences between ICU beds and hospital ward beds

The one most significant difference between ICU beds from common hospital beds is that all the above-mentioned features are included to support medical staff when there’s an emergency. Patients in other wards may be in a physical condition to partly take care of themselves, but those in the ICU are far from that possibility.

ICU patients comprise not only those on the brink of death, but also sick people who require dialysis, ventilators, life-support systems, medications for blood pressure, and patients who have just been wheeled out of complex, life-saving surgeries. These patients are highly vulnerable and require constant monitoring to keep them safe.

Why hospitals require versatile beds

In reality, all leading healthcare facilities want beds that are versatile and can be used in any section of the hospital, for there’s no saying when and where an emergency will arise. Every patient requires a bed that is armed for rapid response. The pandemic and its unpredictable medical complexities have also underlined the need for beds that facilitate emergency treatment, no matter where the patient is housed inside the hospital premises.

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