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Which Is The Best Examination Couch For A Clinic?

Do you need a new examination couch for a clinic or healthcare facility? A medical or examination table is important in any hospital or clinical setting regardless of the type of treatment your medical office or clinic specializes in. It is utilized to offer support and comfort to the patient when they are attended, treated, or diagnosed. If you are a medical practitioner, it is important to choose a table that offers comfort to the patient as well as ensure practicality and convenience.
There are various kinds of medical examination couches available in the market. It means choosing the right one can be a little challenging task. Remember, not all medical examination tables are the same. If you want a one with specific requirements, it is best to contact hospital furniture suppliers in Chennai. Thus, you can purchase customized furniture as per your needs.
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What are the factors to consider while buying an examination couch for a clinic in Chennai?

When purchasing an examination couch, you need to consider five important factors in mind. They are as follows:
  • Proper padding
  • Easy storage
  • Portability
  • Customizability
  • Adjustability
In this article, we have explained different kinds of medical examination tables and their benefits that will help you in choosing the best one.
Mobile patient examination couch with wheels

Know About The Types Of Examination Couch

It is a simple medical table that is commonly used in most medical areas and physical therapy facilities where general treatments are provided. This kind of table is upholstered in healthcare type vinyl for simple cleaning and padded for comfort. It consists of storage drawers or shelves under the seated place. However, treatment tables are mostly simple and serve to provide basic functions required in a hospital examination room.
It is designed to be utilized while medical professionals do minor procedures. The procedure table comes with a modifiable height feature with preset positions for the convenience of medical professionals. Thus, they can perform certain procedures by just making the patient seating on this table. Just like the box and treatment table, the procedure table comes with a storage feature. It is upholstered in a simple to clean and maintainable antimicrobial vinyl.
If your clinic serves patients who may include individuals with disabilities and elderly, you should consider adding the ADA exam table in your exam rooms. As these patients may find it difficult to settle in a box table. When you have set up the ADA exam table, there is no need to lift the patient or jump up on the exam table. It is accomplished through an electric lift where the patient has to be placed or simply step onto that. It rises and brings the patient directly to the seat. It is safe for both caregivers and patients and makes the doctor’s visits simple. The ADA exam table offers a dignified feeling for the patient. It makes the patient feel comfortable throughout their appointments.
If you are thinking of buying the ADA examination table for your clinic but pausing because of the expensive price, you should know that there are certain tax credits present that bring the price of the ADA table equal to the price of the normal box table.
Box table: Most patient examination rooms consist of standard box tables. The standard box table has vinyl seats like the treatment table. But the chair’s backrest can be progressed up and down whichever possible, electrically or pneumatically. This way, the patient can be positioned as required. It consists of a heavy-duty step that helps patients to reach the table. It is slightly raised off from the ground where the exam takes place. This kind of healthcare table comes with storage. The storage can be used for preserving the paper rolls and hospital gowns.

It is recommended to select a box table that consists of dual access drawers. It remains best for a small Clinical examination room. Thus, healthcare providers easily reach the drawer’s contents without caring about the location of the exam table.

To conclude, Our expert team at Inpace healthcare furniture at Chennai can guide you in selecting the best one as per your patient’s requirements and physician’s needs that help in providing better care and treatment.

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