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Healthcare- Know The Components And The Rules

Within the last two and a decimal decade, the noteworthy changes in the socio-economic front have helped the healthcare industry to achieve bodacious advancements. Technology, mechanisms of diagnosis, treatment and patient care have reached unimaginable heights than ever before. Let us take a quick look at the various crucial components of the healthcare industry and how it affects the growth and advancement of healthcare.
Equipment- The Lifeline
While human assistance is considered the primary lifeline in healthcare, equipment is the secondary sans which dependence and survival of the needy could be in jeopardy. Non – availability of equipment can play havoc in the life of the sick.
Inspace Healthcare Furniture is a leading hospital furniture manufacturer located in Chennai. We provide safe and ergonomic hospital furniture that meets all the required standards. We have 33 years of success in the furniture industry that has given us the expertise to derive innovative and technologically advanced solutions for healthcare furniture. Our quality range of hospital furniture includes stainless steel instrument trolley, hospital overbed table, examination couch for clinic, and more. As the future of healthcare begins with us, we ensure quality meets convenience for both the patient and staff.
Per capita infrastructure- The Concern
The plague that has crippled the country’s healthcare industry in recent times is the low per capita infrastructure. The ratio of patients to the facility available is alarmingly low that is sought to be addressed by governmental policy decisions.
Hospital furniture- The Necessity
The surging surgical needs are the sole reason for the already vibrant market of medical furniture in the country taking, nonstop, northward direction. Hospital furniture is undoubtedly a growing necessity in the advanced era of healthcare treatment.
Medical Equipment- The Need

The perennially growing demand for medical equipment throws light on the fact that we need to equip ourselves with the best medical equipment to ensure that the best treatment is offered to every single person in need.

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Innovations- The Trigger
Needless to say, innovations are the trigger points that help the healthcare industry as a whole to advance and grow in proportion. Be it in the case of medical equipment, treatment methodologies or healthcare furniture; innovations are the driving force. The robust research and development and its resultant innovations attract players, both domestic and foreign, into this lucrative market.

The Essential Components Of Healthcare Furniture

Hospital furniture encompasses things like fowler cot, semi fouler cot, hospital bedside locker, patient couch and hospital food trolley and much more! Here are the essential components that furnish a healing environment with comfort, care and safety:
  • Wheelchairs
  • Stretchers
  • Gurneys
  • Stainless steel equipment
  • Procedure table
  • Lab diagnostic equipment
  • Emergency equipment and supplies
  • First Aid equipment
  • Blood drawing chairs
  • Weighing scales

Healthcare- The Rules You Need To Follow

Here are some rules that you need to follow to ensure that healthcare is given the utmost importance!
Never Compromise On Quality
It is a universal rule! In any trade, compromise on quality to save on cost will result in the production of substandard service. An exiguous approach to the business can have the worst results ever. And, when it comes to healthcare, a compromise on quality is a compromise on life and health! Healthcare directly deals with human life- the most precious of all! So, never ever play with life as once lost, it can never be retrieved or replaced!
Hassle-free Availability Is A Must
Be it healthcare furniture or equipment, the availability at short notices is a prerequisite when it comes to healthcare. Hence, getting in touch with the best equipment and furniture specialists who can deliver products on time without any hassles is a must in this field.
Periodical Maintenance Is Crucial
Like the plant and machinery of any other industry, machinery and equipment of the patient care industry also need monitoring and regular maintenance. Nothing can compensate for the losses incurred in case of breakdowns at crucial juncture during medical treatment or operation. Moreover, preventive maintenance will help to ensure the increased lifespan of the equipment.
Government Support Always Helps
Government support can always help the healthcare industry to grow and advance more. Provision of hassle-free finance at lower interest rates, subsidy, waiver of tax on revenue, etc. can be a boon to the healthcare industry as a whole
The Role Of Inspace
Maruthi Office Equipment Pvt Ltd., a Thiruvallur headquartered industrial unit, is one of the leading manufacturers of healthcare furniture since the last 35 years. We focus on designing hospital furniture that improves the comfort, convenience, safety and flexibility of healing environments. We are equipped with a strong production facility that spans over2 lakh square feet area and aptly supported by sophisticated plant, machinery and abled human resources. Let’s together build healthier and happier healing environments that offer better health!
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