Innovative Hospital Beds To Prioritise Patient Safety

by Inspace |July 30, 2021 | Blog

Technology is undoubtedly an integral part of our lives. It impacts nearly 90% of the things that we do and use in a single day. Hence, it comes as no surprise that technology is impacting healthcare. Advances in technology have created a flood of new and updated medical devices with high tech embedded control functions.

One such massive reinvention is the way today’s healthcare technology is making yesterday’s hospital beds obsolete. Today, the hospital beds have taken on new forms and functions to increase the safety and care of the patients using them.

What Is Driving The Need For Hi-Tech Hospital Beds?

Fall and injury prevention continues to be a challenge for the healthcare industry. It affects both young and old patients who often get out of bed for elimination-related purposes. Hospital statistics suggest that up to one million sick patients suffer falls while under treatment. Of these, at least 30-50% of the falls cause injury to the patient. About 79% of the falls occur on or near the bed when the patient is unassisted.

The increased risk of patient falls has doubled the health risks and the risk of injury to the caregivers too. To eliminate these adverse events, hospitals usually employ various guidelines for fall prevention. They adopt intensive approaches to make fall prevention a part of the standard care routine.

These intensive approaches also include the incorporation of technology. Hospitals worldwide are now investing in hi-tech beds to ensure the safety and comfort of their patients during an extended hospital stay. Smart beds have become an essential safety feature in many hospitals. Smart bed technology empowers nurses to keep a watchful eye on patients. It gives them regular updates on the patient’s activities.

And, that’s why smart technology with coordinated care is considered the best solution in today’s changed healthcare system.

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The Smart Hospital Bed: A Hi-Tech Solution

The hospital bed is a consistent fixture in every hospital room. It is where patients spend most of their time recovering and recuperating. Hence, it is only fair that it gets its much-deserved upgrade. And it’s about time too!

Today, hospital beds have taken on a more important medical care role. Smart beds encourage better engagement and care by alerting caregivers of the earliest signs of risk. The smart beds available today are by-products of extensive R&D, industrial design and engineering.

Designed and created with patient safety as the top priority, these smart beds come with amazing features. Let’s take a look:

  • Sensors

Most smart beds are embedded with sensors to alert nurses when the patient gets out of bed. The sensors also aid in:

  1. Assessing the patient’s movements on the bed
  2. Monitoring vitals like body temperature, heartbeat, blood flow, oxygen and heart rate.
  3. Identifying health patterns to make well-informed health-related decisions.
  4. Alerting the caregivers of potential patient deterioration.
  5. Allowing timely intervention, thus avoiding “failure to rescue” scenarios.
  • Height

Smart beds, in particular, are set to a comfortable height that is conducive for patients. It is clear that a lower bed height is associated with fewer fall-related injuries. Sturdy casters with wheel-lock mechanisms help to keep the bed steady and allow space for to lift the patient.

  • Smart side rails

There are three side-rails in a hospital bed. The ergonomically positioned side-rails facilitate easy entrance and exit from the bed. It also allows easy interaction between the patient and the caregiver. Beds are also designed with alarms that are sensitive to side-rail configuration. They raise an alert when the patient leaves the bed or is dangerously positioned on the bed.

  • Wireless connection

Wireless systems embedded in the beds transfer all patient signals to the nurse booth or the hospital information system. This feature is most useful for patients in intensive care. Using it saves nurses time coming into the room to adjust intravenous medications.

Hi-tech beds have remote controls that allow patients to keep their feet and heads elevated mechanically. Additionally, many manual processes have been simplified with hi-tech control panels. Since then, these advanced beds have become a critical part of healthcare facilities.

The Future Of Smart Hospital Beds And Hospital Furniture

There is a steady pattern of growth in the global market for hospital beds. It is driven by the growing incidence of chronic and degenerative diseases and the patient demand for better care and convenience. There is always a demand for ergonomic hospital furniture and improved hospital beds. With the introduction of robotic beds and smart beds, growth opportunities will flourish in this market.

Smart medical beds are integrated solutions for patient care, assistance, and monitoring. Integrated into the healthcare system, they enable enhanced efficiency for caregivers and improve the responsive environments for patients.

Inspace Furniture Solutions manufactures ergonomically efficient hospital beds designed with a multifunctional approach. Interested in knowing more about our hi-tech hospital beds available in India? Call us today, and let’s have a chat.

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